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Access Control

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For a full featured, cloud based access control system Propel Tech & Electric is a verified partner with Pro Data Key, PDK, an industry leader in access control technology. PDK allows users to access their doors from anywhere on any device with internet.

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Anywhere. Anytime. Any Device.

Pdk io provides the most powerful and streamlined access control platform on the market. Experience full management control form any internet connected device. Manage users, create groups, open & close doors, set system rules, revoke access and more all off a single webpage or phone/ tablet application. Pdk services are hosted on a highly secure and redundant cloud server. Pdk truly lets you take your access control management with you anywhere!

Access Control has never been so simple

  • Intuitive and simplified Mobile and Web interface

  • Customizable rules

  • Remote accessibility

  • Simplified and appealing layout

Single App Managment

With PDK administrators can manage users, open or close doors, change access and much more all with the same app.

Email & Text Alerts

Set your system to send Email or SMS alerts for when users access your system or unlock doors.

Advanced Integrations

PDK works seamlessly with companies such as Digital Watchdog to bring you a full featured access control and video surveillance solution.

Manage Multiple Locations

Administrators can manage multiple locations from one login. Also grant access to multiple locations to your users all from the same system.

Automatic Updates

Thanks to PDK's cloud based platform your system stays up to date and can integrate updates without hassle.

Strengthened Security

With automatic updates PDK can push new security updates as soon as a new threat arrives. Keeping you and your system secure and up to date.

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